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The Ballad of Camp Winton

© 1970, Chuck Copeland

Chuck Copeland was Winton's camp director for a number of years. He wrote the lyrics and melody for the ballad that is still sung today.

Campfire's End

Anyone who can read music and who can squint at the original version in the photo above may notice a few differences. The original was a bit more syncopated, but decades of singing have worn off the rough edges.

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alternate text:

Leaders may rise from the lowliest youth;

alternate text:

We are the children of Winton.

alternate text:

Child grows to adult and dreams all but fade.

alternate text:

We are the heart of Camp Winton.

1. There is a camp that's now near legend,

It is a place all Scouts hold true;

Born of great dreams, crowned by youthful laughter:

Scouting's true spirit is called Camp Winton.


Off through the forests, over the mountains,

Down to the lake by the shining clear water,

Building to serve for a future much brighter,

We are the Scouts of Camp Winton.


2. See sparkling eyes filled with awe and wonder,

Ponder the lore and the way of the wood.

Watch as they kindle their life-long friendships,

Forged with great love in the fires of Winton.


Those who look upward will catch the vision:

Great men may rise from the lowliest youth;

Scouting's our key and the quest is right living,

We are the sons of Camp Winton.


3. Then there's the staff of this grand encampment:

Stalwart and true to the very last one.

They set their goals and unfurl their standards,

Beacons for all those who come to Winton.


Dreaming forever, they shall endeavor

Always to live for that moment of truth.

Towers of strength, love, and heartfelt devotion,

They are the staff of Camp Winton.


4. Time races on and the years go speeding;

Boy grows to man and his dreams all but fade.

Still, in his heart there's a place held fondly,

Saved for us all in the halls of Winton.


We roamed the forests; we moved the mountains;

We made those dreams by the shining clear water;

We worked and built for a future much brighter;

We are the men of Camp Winton.

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