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Sometimes you can find a poem online.

Rule #2

by tearlessrain

Don't ever hug a lobster if you meet one on the street,

For decorum is essential if a lobster you must greet.

You may comment on the weather, compliment his choice of hat,

But crustaceans like their space if one should stop them for a chat.

Don't ever hug a lobster when you're strolling down the coast,

Simply nod and give a greeting, or a handshake at the most,

For a lobster's first priority is formal social graces,

And one seems over-familiar if a lobster one embraces.

Don't ever hug a lobster when you meet one in the sea,

For a lobster's spines and chitin make it difficult, you see,

And he might become self-conscious if you bring that fact to light,

So don't ever hug a lobster, simply put, it's impolite.

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