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National Camp School Skit Guidelines

The BSA National Camp School has put out guidelines for skits and songs. Be aware that some things that you do not find upsetting (such as the use of food in a messy way) may be upsetting to someone else.


While this list is not exhaustive, think about why someone might find these elements offensive.

No name-calling

No put-downs, horrible nicknames, or behavior that is hazing.

No nudity references

No references to undergarments, nudity, or bodily functions. This includes underwear, references to gas or farting, or bathroom humor.

No cross-gender impersonation

Cross-gender impersonation often includes heavily stereotyped behavior.

No derogatory references

This includes stereotyping of ethnic or cultural backgrounds, economic situations, or disabilities.

No sensitive social issues

Alcohol, drugs, gangs, suicide, and other touchy social issues should be avoided.

No wasting of food

If a viewer does not have adequate food, the wasting of food during a skit could be very stressful.

No exclusionary inside jokes

If a joke is about a situation that everybody at the campfire has experienced (such as summer camp activities), that's fine. It's jokes that include only part of the audience that should be avoided—nobody wants to feel left out.

No embarrassment

This includes anyone from the audience or the staff, even if they are in the know and agree. (No more "Two Suckers on a Stick.")

No violent behavior

No "beating" another person in the skit or pointing imaginary guns at them. Some scouts may come from violent backgrounds.

No sexual overtones

Sexual overtones are not Scout-appropriate.

No water skits

No one gets wet, including staff.

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