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Heigh Ho suite

16th century


Heigh Ho

Rose Red




Oh Poor Bird

"Heigh Ho" is a round, a song that uses a fugue style where different people start at different times and the music overlaps. Furthermore, multiple lyrics have made it so you can sing it as a round or as interlocking verses.

traditional English round

Campfire's End

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Each of these five songs can be sung by itself, as a round (start a new verse at the start of the second line), or overlapping.

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1. Heigh Ho


Heigh, ho, nobody's home.

Eat nor drink nor money have I none;

Still I will be very very merry.

Heigh, ho, heigh.


2. Rose Red


Rose, Rose, Rose Red,

Will I ever see thee wed?

I will marry at they will, sire,

At thy will.


3. America


America, America,

How can I tell you how I feel?

You have given me so many treasures;

I love you so.


4. Love


Love, love, love, love.

Love is the gospel of the world;

Love they neighbor and each other.

Love, love, love.


5. Peace


Peace, peace, peace, peace.

Wars will start and wars will cease.

We must learn to live together.

Peace, peace, peace.

Oh poor bird,

Take thy flight

High above the wearies

of this sad night.

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"Oh Poor Bird" is meant to be sung with "Heigh Ho" as a descant.

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