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"You awaken to an exciting new day with your best friends. You look out through the open tent door and see a smiling sun in a blue sky..."

Thus begins one of the strangest chapters in a BSA Handbook to ever exist. The 1979 edition of the Boy Scout Handbook decided to open their chapter on summer camp with a multi-page description of a then-typical day, written in the second person.

Most people would read it, laugh, and move on. Summer camp staff look at it and think, "this would make a fantastic skit..."

Skits are what makes a campfire memorable, far more than songs or simple jokes. Legendary skits make the rounds for years or even decades, only falling out of style when they aren't passed along.

Collected here are some of the more enduring skits throughout the years. Take a look and see if you can avoid the thousand-and-first rendition of "Invisible Bench" (which has now moved so far along that I have seen "Visible Bench" as a skit.)



Short to Medium

Most skits should run in the 2-5 minute range, and many of them are based on jokes or puns.

Bell Ringer

Buford T. Mottlebot

Divert Your Course

Land Shark

Loon Hunt

The Marketer

The Mugger

Sob Story

Why Are You Late

You Need a Tie



Some skits deserve a little extra time. Take care to not overload your campfire with long skits, though—one per campfire is perfect.

A Day In Summer Camp

Burfle Hunt

No, You Mean




Sometimes you need something right out of left field.

Do Not Attempt This At Home




A run-on is exactly what it sounds like: a person runs on, says or does something, and runs off.


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