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The Wonderful Sausage Machine
(Johnny Verbeck)

Most camps sing this if there are sausages at breakfast. This is because we all know that kids delight in gruesome little songs.

Epic Song

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Oh, Mister Johnny Verbeck, how could you be so mean?

We told you you'd be sorry for inventing that machine.

Now all the neighbors' cats and dogs will nevermore be seen

For they've all been ground to sausages

By Johnny Verbeck's machine.


1. There was a little Dutch man, his name was Johnny Verbeck,

He made the finest sausages from sauerkraut and speck.

He made the finest sausages the world has ever seen,

And then one day he invented that horrible sausage machine.



2. One day a boy came walking, came walking in the store,

He bought a pound of sausages and dropped them on the floor.

The boy began to whistle, he whistled a lively tune,

And all the little sausages went dancing 'round the room!



3. One day the machine got busted; the blame thing wouldn't go.

So Johnny Verbeck, he climbed inside to see what made it so.

His wife, she had a nightmare, and walking in her sleep—

She gave the crank an awful yank

And Johnny Verbeck was meat!


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