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Hog-Calling Time in Nebraska

Ah, such a simple song, but this one is all about the presentation.

based on "Red River Valley"

Repeat the Verse

When it's hog-calling time in Nebraska,

When it's hog-calling time in Nebraska,

Then it's hog-calling time in Nebraska,

And it's hog-calling time in Nebraska.

This is a presentation of a song. You start out by introducing your buddy, who is from Nebraska. Your buddy misses Nebraska fiercely, so everyone will sing this song in tribute.

You describe how the four verses will go: "First, I will sing the verse so you all can learn it. Then we will all sing together. For the third verse, we will hum so that [buddy] can sing solo. Then we all sing the final verse together."

The buddy should be the biggest ham imaginable. If they aren't sobbing by the third line of the third (solo) verse, you're not doing it right.

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