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Is there anything more enduring than a skit that ends with a horrible pun?

This skit requires a Narrator, two Hunters, a Bigfoot-like beast called a Medicrin, a Loon, and a Wise Man.

skit notes

The joke of this skit is still barely hanging on, as the movie Mary Poppins endures. But be aware that its audience is dwindling.

Narrator: This is the story of the little-known Medicrin and two hunters' efforts to capture it. Watch.


[The Medicrin, which has been dancing around during the Narrator's speech, suddenly spots the two hunters, who blunderingly, and unsuccessfully, attempt to catch the Medicrin.]


Narrator: Several times our bold hunters attempt to catch this Medicrin; they use traps [pause while Medicrin avoids or springs the traps], "Medicrin" calls [pause while Hunters make ridiculous calls and the Medicrin mocks them], even a sick loon [pause while actors make use of a stuffed bird.] But all this was to no avail. Finally, they consulted a wise man.


Hunter 1: Wise Man, we have been trying to catch the Medicrin for quite a while, but without any success. We even tried to lure it with a sick loon, because we'd heard that it was a good idea. What do you suggest?


Wise Man: You have been going about it almost in the right way. But the Medicrin also needs a sweeter trap!


Hunter 1: [bewildered] Uh... Thank you, Wise Man! Let's go!


Hunter 2: What did he mean by a sweeter trap?


Hunter 1: I don't know. Maybe we should feed our sick loon some sugar!


Hunter 2: Sugar?


Hunter 1: Yeah! You know, like sugar-cured ham!


Narrator: And so our brave hunters took a bag of sugar and forced it down the loon's throat. Ahh ... Watch now as the Medicrin spots our loon. [The Medicrin sees the loon and dives for it, at which point, the hunters capture the Medicrin.] Our brave hunters have finally succeeded in capturing the Medicrin. Which, just proves that ... A loonful of sugar helps the Medicrin go down!

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