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Bill Grogan's Goat

This song has a lot of different variants. The one attached is particularly difficult in the middle section.

Repeat After Me

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Bill Grogan's goat

Was feeling fine

Ate three red shirts

Right off the line.


Bill took a stick

Gave him a whack

And tied him to

The railroad track.


The whistle blew,

The train grew nigh.

Bill Grogan's goat

Was doomed to die.


He gave three groans

Of mortal pain—

Coughed up the shirts,

And flagged the train!


(Hang on, something's not right. I'd better rewind it.)


Train the flagged and

Shirts the up coughed

Pain mortal of

Groans three gave he


Die to doomed was

Goat Grogan's Bill

Nigh grew train the

Blew whistle the


Track railroad the

To him tied and

Whack a him gave

Stick a took Bill


Line the off right

Shirts red three ate

Fine feeling was

Goat Grogan's Bill!


(Hmm. Maybe it would sound better a bit sideways.)


Bill Grogan's fine

Was feeling goat

Ate three red lines

Right off the shirt


Bill took a whack

Gave him a stick

And tied him track

The railroad two


The whistle nigh

The train grew blue

Bill Grogan's die

Was doomed to goat


He gave three pains

Of mortal groan

Coughed up the train

And flagged the shirts!

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